The Gurdjieff Society of Japan
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: イベントのご案内

 With the gradual erosion of influence of great religions and traditional ways of living, it becomes increasingly difficult for a man to satisfy his intrinsic need to find the truth about himself and the real meaning of his life.
Deeply aware of this predicament, Gurdjieff undertook to gather the elements of an esoteric knowledge, in danger of being lost forever,and to present them in a system of ideas, as part of a practical teaching adapted to the understanding of modern man.
But how does a man know the truth?
Anyone for whom this really matters is bound to realize that he also needs a more direct form of transmission.
The Gurdjieff Society of Japan is a branch of the Gurdjieff Society of Great Britain and is directly linked to the Gurdjieff Foundations in America These organisations are in a direct line of transmission from Mr. Gurdjieff.
We have meetings in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. we are under the guidance of a group leader in London.

Meetings are held each weekend and there are intensive work weeks when Mr. Jeffrey Somers, our group leader, visits twice a year.
Mr. Somers has been working as a member of the Gurdjieff Society in London for 50 yearsAnd at the moment he leads groups in London, Ireland and Japan.

Interview with Mr. Jeffrey Somers, our group leader.
Please contact us for more information If you want to seriously approach the work.

Update 10/10/2023